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Calvary greetings to you in God’s name! The only good news as of today is that you and I are yet living souls, hence we have the hope of better and brighter future. The fact that we are yet alive proves that we have more mountains to climb, more lives to influence, more tasks to accomplish, more dreams to fulfill, more God's goodness to experience, more greater heights to explore and more goals to achieve. Life is a state of living but it is worth of note that there's

The number of years we live on this planet earth is not as important as the number of lives we influence positively while we are yet living souls, so that we may be appreciated for the impact we impart when we live no more. Being a Student of Nature and a lover of truth, I crave for more knowledge, direly desiring to understand more the facts, secrets, myths, fictions, principles and ideologies that govern the existence of humanity. The Scripture confirms that wisdom is the principal thing.

Looking around our immediate environment, even beyond, there is no doubt that things are falling apart at a very alarming rate but it’s so unfortunate that not many people are so concerned because they are not so affected, having forgotten that what goes around comes around. Things are changing drastically, prophecies of ages are coming to pass, creativity of sorts never stopped emerging, innovations of diverse patterns are ever expected, unforeseen contingencies of overwhelming effects have become norms in our days. In the name of civilization, most women walk around almost-nude, public pornography is no more questionable, religion has taken the position of godliness, lust has prevailed over love, divorces in marriages is now so rampant that many hardly last for a year, women are now married for their ‘artificial’ beauty and not for their natural virtues, people now love music for their beats and dancing steps but not for their lyrical contents, electorates now vote for party and not for personality, books are now loved for their covers and not for the contents, many people now believe that “no money, no love”, people say “marriage is to be enjoyed, not to be endured”, the common saying on the lips of everyone is “it doesn’t matter”, when you tell anyone truth that’s so bitter to their taste, they say “what’s your business?”, No Nigerian trust and respect our so-called leaders for who they are because they have disappointed us to a greater extent and it was once upon a time that we called Nigeria a Giant of Africa, even some preachers would say “do what I say and not what I do’, many criminals will not heed to caution until the long arm of government lay hold on them, then they will be quick to say “it’s Devil’s work”, many ladies I met during the course of marketing would say “I don’t need to read books on relationship and marriage before I have a successful marriage”; they prefer learning from their own experience rather from another person’s. Many students read to pass and not to retain; la cram la pour is the concept. Many schools now increase their tuition fees without improvement in the education quality. The gap between the poor and the rich gets wider everyday…. These and others bother me daily and I ask myself rhetorically ‘how long shall we fold our hands while our moral values and cultures stroll down the road of extinction and the more things fall apart? How would we salvage our plights our improve our conditions just by lamenting about our predicaments, castigating our leaders, passing across information that could deter peace and even instigate the coming generation to scold our fatherland the more?

Life is full of experience, with which we get matured daily if only we crave for more knowledge. You can achieve your aims and be your best self provided you do what you love and you love what you do. What you do when you do not know what to do is another challenging phase of life that you need to be extra-ordinarily cautious. Pray well while you work hard, do your best and leave the rest to God.
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So my very first word of advice is that in everything you do, let God be your priority.
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